Unity 5.6 download available free game development engine


Unity 5.6 download available , the famous 2D/3D multi platform free game development engine is out in its latest version.

Unity 5.6 download available
Unity 5.6 download available

The Unity 5.6 version ends the Unity 5 cycle and includes some interesting feature updates : Progressive Lightmapper preview, new Light Modes, Vulkan support, a new video player, support for Facebook Gameroom, Google Daydream.

Some highlights included with the Unity 5.6 update are :

Massive lighting improvements
5.6 includes the Progressive Lightmapper preview, which provides immediate feedback when trying out different lighting scenarios, and much faster iteration compared to the current Enlighten solution. 5.6 also offers Light Modes, which allow for various ways of mixing real time and baked lighting for static and dynamic objects.

Improved graphics performance
GPU Instancing, which enables new kinds of effects where many similar objects are needed at a very low performance cost, has been improved with support for Procedural Instancing. And with the addition of Compute Shaders for Metal, you can now add more details to your games by tapping into the raw power of the chipsets on Apple iOS and macOS.

Vulkan support
Vulkan support brings increased speed while reducing driver overhead and CPU workload; this leaves the CPU free to do additional computation or rendering and saves on battery life for mobile platforms.

Massive update to Particle System
5.6 greatly extends the range of particle effects to give more options and control to the user. This update also significantly improves Particle System performance.

New Video player
A new multi-platform video player enables playback of 4k video allows you to build 360-degree video VR experiences.

New platforms
With 5.6, you can seamlessly publish to Facebook Gameroom, as well as Google Daydream and Cardboard for Android and iOS. Nintendo Switch support is also available now.

Unity 5.6 download link is available HERE and you can get all the details about the update at the official Unity web page.

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    • Very good , complete free game development engine with tons of documentation and tutorials. Ideal for beginner and intermediate level game programmers


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