Unity beta 2017.1.0 download free game development engine


Unity beta 2017.1.0 download free game development engine

Unity beta 2017.1.0 download of the famous free game development engine is available on the official Unity website :

It’s since quite some releases that Unity devs offer the possibility to try the latest version of their leading free game development engine by letting users download the latest Unity beta version, this time with the Unity 5.x cycle finished the new name of the engine will be Unity 2017.

If you want to try the new Unity 2017 features just click on the Unity beta 2017.1.0 download link and proceed with the install, the base Unity and documentation packet size is about 2 GB while adding plugins as Android, Ios or WebGL deployment will increase the space needed on your system up to 6 GB.

The new Unity 2017 interface doesn’t seem to be changed much from 5.x version, current changelog is very long and  is more focused on version by version bugfixing than feature introduction.

Unity 2017 interface

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