Unity free 3d model : Animated enemy character Maze elemental demon for unity3d


Unity free 3d model : Animated enemy character Maze elemental demon for Unity

This article will review this free 3d model for unity3d that i found in the Unity asset store. You can access the Unity asset store directly from your Unity Window  dropdown menu or by clicking CTRL + 9  keyboard shortcut. The free 3d model is the Maze Elemental Demon available from the Unity asset store,  by 3d artist Andres Olivella.

You can freely use this model in your project, it comes bundled with few animations and it is a great free resource for any kind of Unity game that involves enemy demons or mobs, so you will find it useful for role playing, hack and slash, platform games. This free 3d model for unity3d can also be used for a different kind of non-player character or even for a combat logic placeholder as i will in a coming soon unity combat tutorial.

free 3d model enemy elemental demon asset for unity3d

An animated elemental demon for every occasion…

The free 3d model Maze Elemental Demon comes with 8 movement and melee combat animations: idle, walk, run, jump, punch, heavy punch, howl and death animation. The Elemental Demon is sure a creature to be feared, it remember a lot the typical horned Balrog monster from the Lord of the Rings Saga (Actually from the Silmarillon, but lets assume that the recent on-screen adaptation of Lotr is the most famous). So you can use this creature of fire and shadow for your unity3d project, the 3d art is good and also the texture are good looking and in general quality is good and the additional value that this is a free asset makes really a perfect picture. The different animations are good, maybe just a little “static” as the model is firmly rooted in his place with his leg when performing actions with his upper body part, but i am gettin picky, i really like its animation set.

In addition the free 3d model Maze Elemental Demon includes four different textures : wood, ice, fire and magma, for every elemental need. Just imagine that with this single model you can have four different elemental types that you can customize with scripting with the four different elemental affinity and attacks. Being so this free 3d model for unity3d is well suitable for rpg, hack and slash or adventure games.

 Unity free 3d model : elemental demon for Unity model preview

You can preview the Unity free 3d model Maze Elemental Demon with his melee combat animations by loading this little model viewer application done in Unity by me, you can click on the different animations names and the character model will play the combat animation you selected.


If you like this free 3d model for unity3d of this fearsome fire, ice, and wood elemental enemy character you can download it for free on the Unity Asset Store and import right now in your unity project.

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