Unity free character 3d animated model melee weapons and combat animations


A spartan warrior Unity free character model for your videogame project

I would like to review a Unity free character model that i found in the Unity asset store. You can access the Unity asset store directly from your Unity Window  dropdown menu or by clicking CTRL + 9  keyboard shortcut. Inside the Unity asset store you can browse and download art and programming assets created by developers and import them directly into your Unity project with just one click. Some of these assets are even free and you can use them in your game or for testing purposes as these Unity free character model called Animated Spartan King.


The Animated Spartan King Unity free character model is an ancient greek warrior equipped with a golden armor with helmet and a red cloak. He is wielding a sword and a shield, and he surely knows how to use them ! This Unity free character model is in fact animated with 11 different combat animations moves like attacking, charging, parrying with the shield, victory and death animations. You can import in your project by clicking the download button in the Unity asset store, since it is free , just write in the Unity Asset store search box “Spartan King“.

The Unity free character model Animated Spartan King is good looking and the animations are very good (Just some clipping happens in some complex animations) , you can use for your videogame or for testing purposes. If you are developing a third person hack and slash video game or a role playing game with melee combat you can use the Unity free character model Animated Spartan King for testing the melee combat gameplay logic since most of the needed combat animations are already bundled with the model. Save your development time with this quality placeholder or maybe make this proud Spartan warrior the protagonist of your Unity game!

Unity free character model viewer, preview Spartan King model and animations

You can preview the Unity free character model Animated Spartan King 3d model and melee combat animations by loading this little model viewer application done in Unity by me, you can click on the different animations names and the character model will play the combat animation you selected.

I strongly suggest to grab this Unity free character model Animated Spartan King 3d model from the Unity Asset store because you will have a 3d melee warrior model done and ready to use in your project, doing so will allow you to concentrate on your gameplay logic and postpone or give to other team member the 3d assets creation. Getting a working game prototype is very important as you can focus your ideas and also show your gameplay to others, the Spartan King model will be very useful to hack and slash and rpg Unity developer as it can be used as Player model but also as an enemy or non playing character model. Many thanks to the author of this great free 3d resource, his name is bisaniyehocam and you can click here to go to his youtube channel.

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