Unity Mobile tutorial and Unity new learning resources


New Unity mobile tutorial and learning resources directy from Unity technologies !

The new March Unity Newsletter brings some good news if you plan to start Unity Mobile game development. First you should grab the Unity Mobile Basic for free offer until it is valid, and then you can check the new Unity Mobile tutorial series from digital tutors :

New tutorials for Unity mobile game development
The Unity Mobile Game Development Series of tutorials is now complete. View this great new series here: http://www.digitaltutors.com/11/learning_path.php?lpid=18

If you want to start creating a video game on Android and Ios with Unity the offer and these Unity Mobile tutorial will be great to kickstart your programming skill. Game programming on a mobile platform can be very different from Pc and Console development, think about UI, screen size and different input ( fingers ! ) mode. Thanks to Unity Mobile Android and Ios integration you can mitigate most of these problems and aim directly to gameplay development ! Mobile user base is also different, you can focus on a simple game which is fun to play and gain success, glory, and lots of money with a relative small production cost.

Another one great Unity tutorial from digital tutors will help you develop a first person melee combat mode, suitable for hack and slash games. The first 3 videos of this unity melee combat video tutorial are FREE, check it out and if you like it you can subscribe to get the rest with project files included !

You can also view a new tutorial covering Melee Weapon Systems in Unity: http://www.digitaltutors.com/training/unity-tutorials

With the free offer and these new Unity Mobile tutorial series it’s really clear that the mobile platform are Unity’s future focus, and you can not blame them by seeing the industry data about mobile games market.

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