Free automatic Blender human character generator : ManuelBastioniLab

manuelbastionilab blender human character generator caucasian model

Blender human character generator : ManuelBastioniLAB If you need a character model for your game or CG art you should take a look and download this free 3D automatic Blender human character generator : ManuelBastioniLAB. ManuelBastioniLAB is a Blender human character generator addon that will automatically generate male or female high quality 3d character models … Read more

blender unity mecanim pipeline tutorial: animations import with actions

Blender unity mecanim pipeline tutorial: animations import and workflow In this tutorial you will learn how to set up a working blender unity mecanim pipeline with animations import and Mecanim workflow integration to use your animated character in latest Unity animation system. This tutorial will configure a free asset workflow using Blender 2.67 and Unity … Read more

Unity free character 3d animated model melee weapons and combat animations


A spartan warrior Unity free character model for your videogame project I would like to review a Unity free character model that i found in the Unity asset store. You can access the Unity asset store directly from your Unity Window  dropdown menu or by clicking CTRL + 9  keyboard shortcut. Inside the Unity asset … Read more

New Unity Character Animation system Feature Preview GDC 2012

New forthcoming Unity character animation looks great ! Unity Technologies at GDC 2012 ( Game Developer’s Conference ) presented a video showing its new Animation System for Unity Development Engine , you can see it by CLICKING THIS LINK or embedded on this page.   The video is very impressive and shows how the new Unity … Read more

Import animated model from Blender to Unity and play the animation with scripting


Finding a free Blender 3d rigged model to import from Blender to Unity This Blender to Unity tutorial will show how to import a simple 3d animated model from Blender to Unity while keeping its animations and play the animation by writing few line of javascript code in a Unity script. When you are a … Read more