Unity flash game development now easier, Unity and Adobe partnership.


Unity and Adobe together to better Unity flash game development integration

In this recent official news Unity technologies stated that they are working with Adobe to grant better game development for Unity flash deployment.

We’re officially collaborating with Adobe to make Unity and Flash work great together
We are committed to building the best tool there is to create content for the Flash platform, and are doing it with Adobe’s support and blessing to make the best product possible. You can check out the latest Adobe blogpost about our collaboration and their push to bring high-quality 3D games to Flash.

In addition , there is a simple briefing on licensing for Adobe games and revenue sharing , if you are going to develop a Unity flash application you should read the terms.

Adobe will charge publishers 9% of only the revenues directly caused by the game which exceed $50K.
If revenue is not directly caused by the game you pay nothing. i.e. An online teaser level for a iOS / Android game, a car company having a realtime 3d demo of their newest model which you can inspect and drive around, a 3d walkthrough for a library, etc, all would not pay the revenue share.

Unity flash basic version pricing is $400 while the pro version with all the features is $1500 , so mind your budget !!! While flash is keeping a great user base that are your potential customer, will it stand against the new coming standard as html5 ? This Unity flash partnership seems surely an Adobe move to gain visibility and to offer to many developers familiar with Unity better support and features. Making development easier will make your platform popular amongst developers, and this will mean great content that will benefit your platform success and with the Adobe revenue sharing model it’s a win-win situation.


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