Easiest Unity video tutorials for beginners game programmers


I really wish to suggest one of the best Unity video tutorials to tackle into video game development using Unity3d editor, even if you are a beginner and not so much into javascript or C# programming.

Such Unity video tutorials are hosted at http://www.unity3dstudent.com/ , the author is Will Goldstone , Unity Guru and author of the book Unity Game Development Essentials. The Unity video tutorials are really simple to follow and to understand , they are divided in different modules , each module has a final objective to reach and you will be guided to obtain the result by the exhaustive author’s video examples.

When you complete the modules you can tackle the Challenges , where you must gather the knowledge gained in the modules to solve the situations proposed by the author , doing so you will actually create a little game with basic game logic and gameplay mechanic.

I really appreciated the quality of Unity3dstudent.com video tutorials and their ability to keep you enthralled by letting you reach little milestones as you learn forward thus keeping your interest high , you can then use immediately the things you learned to start creating your game in Unity3d video game editor.

Better start your dive into these Unity video tutorials by Unity3dstudent.com right away , there are many many cool things to learn !

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