How to compile and publish your game on Android with Unity tutorial

How to compile and publish your game on Android with Unity tutorial In this tutorial i will show you how to compile and publish your game on Android with Unity, starting from installing Android software development kit (Android SDK) to configure Unity to create an Android executable and then run and debug your game in … Read more

Free Unity 4 download link – Unity3d free game development engine


Free Unity 4 download link – free Unity3d game development engine Unity 4 download is available for free ! Unity 4 is the latest iteration of one of the best and easiest free game development tool for beginners and advanced programmers. You can download Unity 4 for free for Pc Windows or Mac Ios by … Read more

Unity GUI tutorial : simple player health bar in javascript code example


Unity GUI tutorial : create a simple Graphic User Interface with OnGui function In this Unity GUI tutorial we will see how easy is to create a simple Graphical User Interface with Unity thanks to the OnGui function. An health bar is a vital key element for every game, not only rpg or hack and … Read more

Unity tutorials for beginners: Unity lessons and character equipment system

Unity tutorials for beginners I am always looking for good Unity tutorials and resources for beginners, and it is always a pleasure to find that a lot of Unity learning content is available for free on the Web. There are also lot of good Unity tutorials available for a small fee or subscription service and … Read more

Unity character controller tutorial animations javascript code example


Move and animate a model with Unity character controller tutorial In this Unity character controller tutorial we will write a simple javascript code example to move our character and play custom animations for different keyboard inputs. The goal is to create a personal character controller script that parses our keyboard inputs and transforms it in … Read more

Import animated model from Blender to Unity and play the animation with scripting


Finding a free Blender 3d rigged model to import from Blender to Unity This Blender to Unity tutorial will show how to import a simple 3d animated model from Blender to Unity while keeping its animations and play the animation by writing few line of javascript code in a Unity script. When you are a … Read more

Unity 3.5 download available , free game development engine !

Unity 3.5 free game development engine has been released and is available for download at this link : You can check the new unity 3.5 version features by checking out the detailed changelog here : Here is a quote from Unity website with a short list of the most important new features in … Read more

Beginner Unity video tutorial , create your rpg hack and slash with BurgZergArcade video howto

I found a great series of unity video tutorial that will take your from a close to beginner level to create a full working rpg hack and slash game with a 3d environment , enemy AI , combat logic and animations ! You can find this ongoing unity video tutorial series by clickin on this … Read more

Crytek Releases CryENGINE 3 SDK Free-of-Charge

Crydev new free game development tool from Crytek

Crytek , the software company behind the two Crysis first person shooters released their all in one video game software development kit named Crydev free for all to download and use for non commercial projects. That is great news, since you can use the Crysis game engine power and advanced graphics to develop your own … Read more

Tutorial How to move the Player with keyboard inputs in Unity3d keyboard input javascript

Create a new Input Axis in Unity to control forward/backward movement with keyboard assigned keys

As i played videogames through the ages (!) i was impressed to see the evolution of the avatar that we control on the screen, their movements and their mechanics are as of now really lifelike. Also , controlling a character makes something happens on the screen and it’s a clear behaviour that i can check … Read more

Easiest Unity video tutorials for beginners game programmers

I really wish to suggest one of the best Unity video tutorials to tackle into video game development using Unity3d editor, even if you are a beginner and not so much into javascript or C# programming. Such Unity video tutorials are hosted at , the author is Will Goldstone , Unity Guru and author … Read more

The best and easiest tool to make a video game : UNITY3D Editor

Unity3 logo

To make a video game is’t a trivial task, it involves many hours of work and different skills (coding, art assets, animations…) , it is fundamental then to find tools to speed up your game programming work that is easy to use for a beginner. Thanks to the folks at Unity Technologies such a game … Read more