makehuman to Unity textured import tutorial .fbx

makehuman to Unity textured import tutorial .fbx In this makehuman to unity textured import tutorial you will learn how to import a makehuman generated 3d full textured character model into Unity free game development engine with clothes and rigging, you will be able to add the makehuman asset in your Unity project with all the … Read more

Unity tower defense tutorial video link from UnityCookie

Unity tower defense tutorial video link from UnityCookie I would like to point you to a great Unity tower defense tutorial video where you can learn the basics to create your own tower defense game. These Unity tower defense tutorial videos are coming from Unity Cookie, and they will guide you trough the creation of … Read more

Complete Skyrim Creation Kit Video Tutorial set for beginners from bethesda !

Bethesda released a complete series of eleven skyrim Creation Kit video tutorials to begin your modding on the fifth episode of The Elder’s Scroll saga. This easy video tutorials narrated by the game devs at Bethesda will guide you into the use of skyrim Creation Kit to build your adventure for all the Dragonborns out … Read more

Skyrim Creation Kit released 07 February 2012 and first creation kit video tutorial

Bethesda finally released the Skyrim Creation Kit today 07 February 2012 , so you can unleash your modder inside you ! Here is the quote from Bethblog : Modders rejoice! We’re pleased to announce that the Skyrim Creation Kit is now available! With the Creation Kit’s release, fans can now upload, download, and install custom content … Read more

Crytek Crydev free game sdk 3d modeling tutorials with Google SketchUp and 3d studio

Crydev modeling tutorials

Users from the community of Crytek’s recently released free game sdk Crydev (featuring Crysis 2 technology) are coming up with very extensive crydev tutorial and crydev video tutorials. The following tutorials focus on 3d modeling tool Google sketchup use in Crydev and on how to import objects in Crydev engine from 3d studio max 2012. … Read more

Easiest Unity video tutorials for beginners game programmers

I really wish to suggest one of the best Unity video tutorials to tackle into video game development using Unity3d editor, even if you are a beginner and not so much into javascript or C# programming. Such Unity video tutorials are hosted at , the author is Will Goldstone , Unity Guru and author … Read more