Makehuman 1.0.0 : Automatic create 3d character model free game tool


Makehuman 1.0.0 : Automatic create 3d character model free game tool

Makehuman is a free 3d software that lets you create a custom human character 3d model to use in your games or simulation. The 3d character model creation process is automatic and you can customize body and face features by using option sliders and you can preview the modified model in real time. Makehuman created 3d human character models also include a skeleton to animate it with your preferred software via the export function that lets you export your created models in the following formats : Blender Exchange Format ( .mhx ), Filmbox ( .fbx ), Collada ( .dae ), Wavefront ( .obj ), Ogre3D and stl.001-makehuman-1-0-0-automatic-free-3d-human-character-build

Makehuman 1.0.0 modeling options and menus

002-makehuman-1-0-0-automatic-free-3d-human-character-build Makehuman 1.0.0 Main Menu lies at the top of the screen and lets you Open, Save or Export a model, change the rendering mode , body symmetry and camera view.

The underlying tabs are dedicated to different functions that apply to the 3d human character model that is actually opened:

  • The Files tab resumes the model Load, save and export options.
  • The Modelling tab features sliders to customize the body , racial and facial features of the character.
  • The Geometries tab has option to select clothes and to modify eyes, hair and facial features of the character.
  • Materials tab takes care of the skin color and texture of the 3d character model.
  • The Pose/Animate tab lets you choose the rig (skeleton) to apply to your model to export it, you can choose between various included rigs.
  • Rendering , Settings and Utilities tabs are about maintenance and Makehuman configuration.

Makehuman 1.0.0 modelling tab is packed with a really impressive numbers of body features parameters to modify via sliders to create a truly unique character. Body customization is easy and straightforward, and you can observe the effects on the model after a quick calculation time. 003-makehuman-1-0-0-automatic-free-3d-human-character-build

I will test the various body customization options and the export tool to check how Makehuman 1.0.0 behaves with Blender or 3ds max, this lates release is looking great and is a valid asset to rapid prototyping in you games and 3d simulations.

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