Unity free Assets : free 3d soldier character download not animated


Unity free Assets : free 3d soldier character download not animated

A free 3d  soldier character is often required in many shooter videogames as the player character or as an enemy the player will face. This free 3d soldier character asset is available from the Unity Asset Store for free from Mixamo. You can download the 3d soldier character pack (soldier and swat 3d model) for free in the Unity Asset Store and use it in your game also if it has a commercial scope. Unfortunately this free 3d soldier models are not animated but it is already rigged and ready to animate, also they are provided for free so it’s a great resource to use in your games and the models art quality is very good as you can see from this preview picture :

01-free-3d-soldier-character-model-character-rigged-not-animated In this free 3d soldier character model pack two models are included already rigged and in the classic T pose, the first model is a soldier wearing a sand camouflage suit with various equipment and helmet with glasses. The other 3d character model included is a Swat special forces soldier in a blue suit wearing a black kevlar vest, a mask, helmet with glasses and with a weapon holder.02-free-3d-soldier-character-model-character-rigged-not-animated

You can download the free 3d soldier character pack and use in a shooter, fps or real-time strategy game or every kind of videogame that could use a soldier or a swat special forces officier, the models are already rigged and you can animate them to suit your needs. I am relatively new to the latest Unity addition, the Mecanim animation system, but i will follow the Unity official tutorial and try to implement some animations using this model to see if the new humanoid animation auto retargeting system is working or not. It would be really great to estabililish an automated workflow to get character rigged and retarget animations from other humanoid models.

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