Makehuman to Blender 3d character export tutorial


Create a test human character 3d model to export with Makehuman

Start Makehuman 1.0.0 . We will create a test human character 3d model with Makehuman and we will try to use also clothes and other extras to see if the export to Blender works without bugs. Old Makehuman version had issues with body textures, we will see if the latest Makehuman version fix the texture problems in the Blender exporting process. I changed some slider option in the Modelling tab, then in the Geometries tab i selected some clothes, hair, eyebrows and so on, thats the result : 005-Makehuman-to-Blender-model-export-tutorial I wish also to see if the Makehuman to Blender export works with a rigging type, so in the Pose/Animate tab select a skeleton to add to the character model. I selected the Basic rigging type.

When you finished your character customization, click on the Files tab and select Save, give your file a name and save it.

Export 3d human character model from Makehuman to Blender

We will finally try to export the character model from Makehuman to Blender :

  • In Makehuman, click on the Files tab
  • Now click on the Export sub-tab, select Blender Exchange (.mhx) as Mesh Format. Give a name to the exported file in the naming box and press export.006-Makehuman-to-Blender-model-export-tutorial
  • At the end of the export process a message box will inform you that the files has been exported into the working directory.

Opening the .mhx exported character in Blender

Open Blender and enable the Makehuman import-export plugin ( Blendertools ) if you haven’t. Oddly i found my .mhx import export tools not in the Makehuman category but in the Import-Export one. In Blender click on File –> Import –> MakeHuman (.mhx), search for the file exported from makehuman and click on IMPORT MHX aaand…you should get an error ! 007-Makehuman-to-Blender-model-export-tutorial

The Error that should prompt is : Error when loading MHX file. Auto Run Python Scripts must be turned on. It is found under File > User Preferences > File.  So to fix the Blender mhx import error go to Blender’s file menu, click on User Preferences and in the File tab tick the box next to Auto Run Python Scripts.008-Makehuman-to-Blender-model-export-tutorial

Click on Save User Settings. Now go trough the File File –> Import –> MakeHuman (.mhx)  process again and this time Blender should succesfully open the character model exported from Makehuman in the Blender Exchange .mhx file format.009-Makehuman-to-Blender-model-export-tutorial

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