Unity android error avd startup crash : the application stopped unexpectedly


Unity android error emulator  crash : the application stopped unexpectedly

I will try to explain the Unity android error when compiling with Unity and testing the apk in the Android SDK emulator. If you build a game or an application with Unity for Android devices you can test the application inside a software emulated Android platform called AVD (Android Virtual Device) included in the Android SDK. This is (supposed to be) useful if you don’t own an android phone or if you want to see compatibility of your Unity application with the different android platforms. The real outcome of your test is most likely to get the application immediately crashing at startup in the Android emulator with this message : The application ( App Name ) process.appname.company has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Next is a pic of this Unity android error :

Android application has stopped unexpectedly error

To solve this error you can try to change Unity  player settings as minimum android platform required to run or cpu type, but actually i didn’t solve the problem in this way, any Unity Android player settings configuration I tried always ended up showing this Unity android error in the emulator even when compiling an empty scene. I then searched Unity community for solutions and i found lot of people suggesting that Android AVD emulator ( Mine was from android r18 sdk ) is not suited for running Unity compiled apk ( and that AVD emu is also slow like hell)  and that is simpler to get a real android device for testing.

Well, i don’t want to get a new device just for testing my Unity game for Android, so i searched for an alternative solution and i found Bluestacks, which is a third party app player, kinda an Android emulator that is faster and more powerful than Android sdk avd emulator. One negative side of Bluestacks is that is a little too much Invasive, as it installs a Desktop toolbar with it that i don’t like very much.

With Bluestacks i managed to play my Unity compiled apk flawlessy by double clicking on it like an exe file, this way i could preview How my Unity game compiles on Android. To verify this i got a friend of mine to hand over his Samsung Note to test the same Unity apk and it runned as in the Bluestacks app player, so this is a low cost solution to test your Unity game or application on Android without having to buy a new phone or tablet. Maybe it is not possible to solve the The application ( App Name ) process.appname.company has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again unity android error but with Bluestacks android app player you can run your (and many other) android apk on your PC and quickly preview if your Unity game is working or not.

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