Beginner Unity video tutorial , create your rpg hack and slash with BurgZergArcade video howto


I found a great series of unity video tutorial that will take your from a close to beginner level to create a full working rpg hack and slash game with a 3d environment , enemy AI , combat logic and animations !
You can find this ongoing unity video tutorial series by clickin on this link :

The tutorials follows a very practical approach and the scripting language chosen for unity is C#.

The BurgZergArcade rpg unity video tutorial is very deep and is composed of  more than 250 videos and it is currently ongoing and upated , it will be very useful if you want to see how a game will grow under your hand from some lines of code to a breathing hero fighting against ferocious enemies…or sticky jellies, i think jellies are easier to animate than bodies with bones.



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