Complete Skyrim Creation Kit Video Tutorial set for beginners from bethesda !


Bethesda released a complete series of eleven skyrim Creation Kit video tutorials to begin your modding on the fifth episode of The Elder’s Scroll saga.

This easy video tutorials narrated by the game devs at Bethesda will guide you into the use of skyrim Creation Kit to build your adventure for all the Dragonborns out there ! It is a great opportunity to unleash your talent and create great content with a solid engine base.

Here is a quote from Bethesda bethblog at

After eleven intense episodes, we’ve now completed our Creation Kit video tutorial series. The final episode is embedded above, but you can find all the rest at the Bethesda YouTube playlist.

Before you move on in your modding career, don’t forget to bookmark, our primary repository for modding how-tos and technical reference guides.

Praise to Bethesda to encourage the modding community with this great complete Skyrim Creation Kit Video Tutorial.

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