Free automatic Blender human character generator : ManuelBastioniLab


Blender human character generator : ManuelBastioniLAB

If you need a character model for your game or CG art you should take a look and download this free 3D automatic Blender human character generator : ManuelBastioniLAB.

ManuelBastioniLAB is a Blender human character generator addon that will automatically generate male or female high quality 3d character models with a single click, with options to customise body shape and features. You can choose beetween various base human character model style, such as realistic or anime manga style, male or female gender and for each body type you can customize parameters to modify the aspect of your character model. Also different versions of the same base body model can be created by selecting the wanted type in the characters library menu that alter the body parameters in real time to obtain a brute and muscolar model or a fat and floppy model.

ManuelBastioniLAB is written in Phyton and requires at least Blender 2.77 to run, being a Blender plugin it supports Windows, Linux and OSX operating systems. Installation is quite easy and you can refer to the guide on the official website to install this Blender human character generator plugin.

ManuelBastioniLAB free Blender human character generator Installation
ManuelBastioniLAB free Blender human character generator Installation procedure

To automatically generate your first human character with ManuelBastioniLAB free Blender human character generator, after the plugin installation, you must identify the proper label in the Blender left menu, select the ethnicity (afro, caucasian, asian), body style (normal or anime), and gender and click on the Init Character button.ManuelBastioniLAB Blender human character generator CreationYour high quality human character model is ready in one click, ready to be customized or animated !manuelbastionilab blender human character generator caucasian model

ManuelBastioniLAB Blender automatic human character generator plugin is a great resource if you want to prototype your game involving human characters, third person camera view and complex body animations, all for free using this great open source tool.

On my Youtube channel there is a brief video of ManuelBastioniLAB free Blender human character generator in action with character creation and character library functionality test :

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