Unity free assets: best free terrain models, trees and grass 3d models download


Unity best free assets – best free terrain models , trees and grass 3d models

I would like to point you to the best free terrain models available to download from unity asset store. A unity community package containing free terrain models also with trees , bushes, grass and textures is in the top 10 of the Unity Asset store from quite some time, in this article i will show you a live 3d preview of the free terrain assets included in this package. To be able to see the preview make sure that Unity Player is installed on your machine. 01-Unity-free-terrain-asset-free-3d-models-trees-grass-download

You can download the free terrain models asset from Unity Asset store by browsing THIS LINK. You can import into your Unity project by clicking the Download and Import option. Let’s take a closer look to this free terrain assets download by examining its contents.

best free terrain models : trees, plants and vegetation to make your custom grove

A much needed type of free terrain models for a game involve trees, plants and vegetation as we know that every newbie warrior or wizard will adventure inside some kind of green forest full of enemies and treasures. This unity free terrain pack includes the following trees and plants free 3d models:

  • Alder
  • Bamboo
  • Banana Plant
  • Banyan
  • Japanese Maple
  • Mimosa
  • Palm
  • Scots Pine
  • Sycamore
  • Willow

If you want to preview the free 3d trees and plants models you can checkout the Unity web player previewer included in this page, you can run it in your browser.

best free terrain models : bushes , grass and terrain textures also included

To complete your green forest zone you need some other green to fill up the gaps between trees, so the Unity free terrain assets package includes a long list of different types of bushes, rocks and free terrain and grass textures. Here is a list of the terrain resources available :

  • 6 different Bushes models
  • 1 rock model
  • 5 grass textures
  • 22 terrain textures
  • Grass, rock , sand, snow terrain textures

The Following is a series of images showing some of the free assets and textures you will find in this Unity free terrain models package :

02-Unity-free-terrain-asset-free-terrain-textures-psd-download  03-Unity-free-terrain-asset-free-terrain-textures-psd-download


A complete terrain assets compilation

You can download the Unity terrain asset package from free from the Unity Asset Store via THIS LINK, it is a very nice resource perfect for beginner game programmer but also for experts programmers that need placeholders to prototype their ideas. The free terrain models are in Collada .FBX format complete with materials and textures and mainly without colliders, their art quality is good but don’t expect too much, poly count is low (also for performance grace) and in few words the models do their job fine. In addition, this free terrain assets package is in the top 10 of the Unity Store from quite some time, it is a must have for every Unity user.

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