Unity tutorials for beginners: Unity lessons and character equipment system


Unity tutorials for beginners

I am always looking for good Unity tutorials and resources for beginners, and it is always a pleasure to find that a lot of Unity learning content is available for free on the Web. There are also lot of good Unity tutorials available for a small fee or subscription service and this time i would like to point you to a free Unity tutorial for beginners and an advanced non-free tutorial detailing player character customization.

Free Unity training with lessons and video tutorials

An interesting series of free Unity tutorials for beginners is available at this link from Walker Boys :


The tutorials are organized to create a Unity learning school where you can study a Unity course and then take (and hopefully pass) online exams to get your grade. The Unity course is composed of video tutorials lessons about different topics and to complete the course you have to build working games with Unity by passing the Lab Projects.  These are very useful Unity video tutorials for beginners because they detail every step you need to create a complete game, and they request some other game feature that you have to implement on your own, which will give you the possibility to know how much you learned from the lessons. here is a quick list of the course topics :

-Introduction to Unity 3
-Unity Application, Tools, UI, Workflow (Videos 1 – 60)
-Exam 1 – Unity Tools and Application
-Unity Hotkey Chart
-Exam 2 – Unity Hotkeys
-Unity JavaScript (Video 1 – 15)
-Exam 3 – Unity JavaScript Part 1
-Unity JavaScript Continued (Videos 16 – 26)
-Exam 4 – Unity JavaScript Part 2
-Lab 1 – Point and Click
-Lab 1 – Presentation
-Lab 2 – 2D Space Shooter
-Lab 2 – Presentation
-Lab 3 – Unity Tool Development and Workflow
-Lab 3 – Unity Tool Presentation
-Lab 4 – 2D Mario Clone (Side Scroller)
-Lab 4 – Presentation
-Lab 5 – 3D Mario Clone (3rd Person Adventure)
-Lab 5 – Presentation
-Conclusion and Next Steps

Unity video tutorials : character equipment system

An useful Unity advanced resource is the Unity character equipment system video tutorials available from digital tutors :


The first 2 videos of the series are free. If you wish to learn how to instantiate an equipment piece as a chest armor and fit it on your character you should follow this Unity tutorials. Since a working equipment system for your playable or non-playable character is vital in almost any game i really found these series of Unity video tutorials usefuf, since you can use the same know-how to also equip your models with weapons and items.




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